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After all, we are talking about philanthropy.

to deliver more for your projects.

Better exchange rates

because the necessary changes are urgent.


who share the same purpose as you.

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Registration according to Circular 3978 of the Central Bank of Brazil.

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Import and export

Ideal for making payments for imports and receiving exports.

Electronic Declaratory Registration (RDE) for Registration of Financial Operations (ROF) and Foreign Direct Investment (IED).

Foreign capital

Donations, loans, maintenance of employees abroad, investment, foreign trade and services.

Simplified exchange

Analysis of strategies and exchange rate framework rules for mergers and acquisitions in Brazil.

Foreign exchange advice

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Impact Bank Pagamentos SA, registered with the CNPJ/MF, under no. 40.059.045/0001-56, is not a financial institution and does not carry out credit operations directly. It acts as a payment institution, governed by Law No. 12,865, of October 9, 2013 and regulated by Circular of the Central Bank of Brazil (“Bacen”) No. 3,885, of March 26, 2018 and as a banking correspondent pursuant to art. 2, of CMN Resolution 3,954, of February 24, 2011 (“Resolution 4,656/2018). Impact Bank provides services for the purchase and sale and movement of funds, within the scope of a payment arrangement and acts as an exchange correspondent accredited by the Central Bank of Brazil of Decyseo Corretora de Câmbio LTDA., CNPJ 94.968.518/0001-67, headquartered at Avenida São Luis, 192, sobreloja 25, República, Centro, CEP 01046-913, São Paulo-SP, telephone (11) 3156-2181, ombudsman 0800 770 5422 /, to facilitate the process of buying and selling foreign currency ("Exchange Impact Bank"). Some services provided, such as the transfer of funds from Impact Bank's payment accounts to other banks, are carried out through partnerships with financial institutions duly authorized by Bacen.

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