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Financial inclusion

Through social accounts with access to financial services and credit

Mobilization of capital through connection with companies, philanthropy funds, people and projects.


In a simple, efficient and safe way with financial inclusion of beneficiaries.

Transfers of benefits

Retention of wealth in vulnerable territories through inclusive ecosystems

Endogenous economy

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We create and develop Benefit Transfer programs in a simple, efficient and secure way, providing financial inclusion to your beneficiaries in a digital payment account that generates social impact.

Can you imagine boosting your business while contributing to the development of your city?

Impact Bank and Instituto Welight, in partnership with organizations from the city of Alto Paraíso de Goiás...




In November 2021 we carried out an editorial in the Jacaré favela, North Zone...

Welight fundraising campaign in partnership with Impact Bank.

The campaign requested funds for the purchase of land in the surroundings of the Mutuca Community...



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Soon you will be able to know all our special projects

The Impact Bank Transformation Fund

It is a catalytic capital fund to leverage initiatives that collaborate for a fairer and regenerative future.


R$ 3.818.835,04

The resources that feed this fund are resources that the Impact Bank community helps to raise, either through the movement of their accounts and activation of subscriptions, or through the use of POS machines, collaboration in donation campaigns and Special Projects.

R$ 0.10 returned per bank transaction up to 0.1% of the total amount transacted in the card machines direct donations to the Transformation Fund, Campaigns and Special Projects.

What are the initiatives that already receive resources from the Transformation Fund?

Raised amount

R$ 10.173,96

The Semear Institute was created in 2010 with the aim of reducing university dropout and providing to the young people the right conditions to during graduation.



Raised amount

R$ 19.300,00

A Gente Transforma uses design as a tool for social transformation. In Várzea Queimada, a group of women artisans produces design pieces with carnauba.



Raised amount

R$ 2.824,88

Study by TETO, FGV CEPESP and Emory University on the impact of the pandemic on the favelas of six Brazilian states. It addresses the various actions that can be taken to reduce the vulnerability and exposure to the pandemic of the most vulnerable populations.



TETO, FGV CEPESP e Emory University

Raised amount

R$ 334.097,97

In partnership with Siemens Caring Hands, Instituto Welight and Fundação Amazônia Sustentável, the project enables assisted care and telehealth for 386 riverside families in two Conservation Units in Amazonas (RDS Piaguaçu-Purus and RDS Mamirauá).



Fighting COVID-19 with Telehealth Centers - Amazonas

Raised amount

R$ 440.625,64

In partnership with the Welight Institute, the programs are innovative forms of philanthropy that encourage financial resources to flow organically and in a decentralized way into the hands of women activists involved in causes.


Welight Flow Funding and Aura Programs - Brazil


Soon you will be able to know all the projects promoted by the Transformation Fund

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